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Online personal portfolio of design work by Karen Gaudet, Owner/Creative Director at Graphic Design Halifax (GDH). Karen provides general graphic design services in Atlantic Canada and beyond, specializing in Logo design and Brand development.

Graphic Design Halifax, formerly Karen Gaudet Graphic Design, was formed by Karen in 2006. At that time it was a one-(wo)man freelance studio providing service to the Halifax area. Since then, Karen has added a few very talented freelancers to the team and broadened her geographic client base. If you'd like to see graphic design projects by GDH please visit

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, a non-profit organization or a large corporation, Karen approaches each new project with the same amount of energy, commitment and expertise, and works closely with you to create the artwork that best represents you, your target audience and what you have in mind.

Your business doesn't have to be located in Halifax, or even Nova Scotia to use Karen's services. She has successfully completed work not only across Atlantic Canada, but across three continents and counting. Documents, design concepts and mock ups, discussions and final artwork can all be easily exchanged via telephone, email and fax.

There's no question that online media, such as a website, is integral to the success of your business. However, internet marketing MUST be used in conjunction with other marketing materials in order to successfully market your business and help you to reach your potential.

People still expect printed materials. Business cards, letterhead, flyers, posters, brochures and printed materials reinforce the credibility and existence of your business. They are your 'front line' and a powerful tool in leading people to ... your website, your store, your office, your product, service or event.

Networking has become a popular means of meeting new clients and helping other business associates connect. If you want people to know what you do, you must bring supporting materials to leave behind. Business cards are great for quick access to your contact information, but if you want people to learn about your business, a brochure, pocket folder or flyer is much more effective.


Bilingual Graphic Design

Whether you need content written or edited, Karen offers design work in english and french.


Thinking In Green

The environment is important to her and Karen is committed to doing her part in considering it in all facets of her work. She's learning as she goes and doing everything she possibly can to make a difference.

Karen understands the global environmental situation and feels that sustainable design is a necessary reaction to the global environmental crisis.

She specializes in the design of print materials, so ink and paper have become an important issue to her. It's not about going paperless. Hopefully some day that will happen, but that would require an entire worldwide paradigm shift so it doesn't seem it will happen in our lifetime, so for now it's about using environmentally friendly products to make an environmental difference.

Using FSC certified paper and environmentally friendly inks is one way to make that difference. If you want to ensure that your project takes the environment into consideration, ensure that the products and printing services you use display the FSC Logo or are printed by a printing company that has taken measures to reduce environmental hazard. The FSC Logo ensures you that the product is FSC certified.

What does FSC certified mean? Who is the FSC and what are their responsibilities?

FSC Canada stands for Forest Stewardship Council of Canada. The Forest Stewardship Council of Canada provides an international certification and labeling system that guarantees that the forest products and services you purchase come from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. (Source:

Karen can supply you with the names of some printing service bureaus complying with FSC standards in the HRM. If you're a printing service bureau that complies with FSC standards, please let us know so that we can add you to our resources list.

Visit the FSC Website


How To Be Sustainable

* Environmentally conscientious supplies

* Energy-efficient lighting in the office

* Paperless invoicing

* Recommending green printers

* Recycling

* Paperless price quotes

* Using ethical suppliers

* Online communications

* Printing only when necessary

* Minimal hard-copy data storage

* Maximize electronic data

* Support green-based companies

* Stay informed

* Being conscientious of non-renewable resources


Design, Ethics & Sustainability


Design magazines, pages, and links both critically, and as a form of resource.




Ethics & Sustainability

EYE Magazine

A List Apart

Green By Design

Article, Metropolis Magazine

Lovely As A Tree

Green Design

Greening Graphic Design

Blue Responsibility, Form Mag

Sustainability Toolkit Designers

Logo Design Love

Communication Arts

Design Talk Board

Test Page

Logo Design And Brand

A well designed Logo plays an important role in establishing a visual identity for your event, product, service or business. Through emotional response, it makes a connection with your target audience. Through perception, it defines the expected and desired experience.

Your Logo is a piece of the building block of your brand and corporate identity. Your corporate identity is not just your Logo, but the sum of all things that convey who you are and what you do. It is your Logo, your corporate colours, your stationary, your place of business, address, office space, employees, values, marketing pieces, associations and much more.

A strong identity is integral to your marketing potential and develops over time. It establishes credibility, it connects you with your prospective clients and creates a sustained relationship with your existing clients. Your brand is what people envision when they think of your business. It's this vision that keeps clients coming back.

Vectors And Graphics

Logo designs and graphics can be created using bezier curves, that scale well to accommodate any application from placement on a business card to placement on the side of a shipping vessel. Vector Graphics ensure the image stays crisp and clear in small and large-scale production of literally any size.

Vector graphics are graphics that are designed using design software. Unless you have this software, you won't be able to open or use the graphics yourself. However, the file will be needed in future by the printing service bureau or manufacturer should you create any material that requires scalable graphics.

More and more manufacturers are requiring vector graphics to produce materials. Whether you're manufacturing a fabric product, a CD cover or a lapel pin, check first with your manufacturer to find out about their print specifications.


Advertising Services

* Print Advertising - Advertisements in printed form such as magazines, newspapers and flyers

* Point of Purchase Advertising - Materials such as large displays located in stores

* Outdoor Ads - Materials found on buses, bus shelters, benches, billboards and other outdoor advertising

* Internet Advertising - Advertisements found on websites such as banner ads

* Email Marketing/Advertising - Ads that are circulated via email to promote or sell a product or service

* Social Media - Ads, invites and promotional materials found on social media outlets



* Promotional mail-out postcards

* Invitations to events

* Magazine ads

* Publication advertisements

* Promotional flyers

* Promotional brochures

* Promotional newsletters

* Newspaper ads

* Posters

* Promotional mail-out campaigns

* Promotional magazine inserts

* Promotional hang tags

* Magazine ads and page layout

* Yellow pages ads


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